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Trying to be a good sysadmin, I want to keep on top of security updates and patches (particularly those that could affect this website or my mail server). To this end, I updated the webserver in use apache. This reset some options in the webserver config that caused a s-t-r-a-n-g-e recursion error relating to the Gallery 2 Module.

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Upcoming Work

I am going to experiment with utilizing the Coral Distribution Network.

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Alrighty, then

It seems folks are finding this site, and even posting content. Any one interested in having their own blog should just add a comment. A few new things:

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New Family Site Online

This is a new family collaboration site. It is for the friends and family of the Banks family that originated in Oklahoma and Kansas. We have become spread out geographically. The Internet has a way of making the world smaller, thus this site.

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