New Family Site Online

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This is a new family collaboration site. It is for the friends and family of the Banks family that originated in Oklahoma and Kansas. We have become spread out geographically. The Internet has a way of making the world smaller, thus this site.
Some of the features present or coming soon to this site include:

  • Forums, where we can carry on online conversations. Forums allow someone to start a conversation on a given topic, then others can post replies or remarks in that conversation or start their own.
  • Blogs. Weblogs, or "blogs" are typically used as an online journal or diary. Some folks use them to post news events in their lives. What you're reading now is a blog. The blogs on this site can accept comments, but if you anticipate a lot of discussion, you should start a thread in a forum instead.
  • Photo Galleries. Users will be able to share their own images and view (and comment on) other's images. This site has facilities that allow users to view slideshows, restrict usage or even buy prints of the images.

The framework this site is built on allows for many other features, which I will consider. You might check out my personal site, here, where I will use more of the features.