Alrighty, then

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It seems folks are finding this site, and even posting content. Any one interested in having their own blog should just add a comment. A few new things:

  • Polls. There will be period polls on the left side, post your suggestions in the...
  • ..Forums. There is a link to active forums on the left. Soon, I will expand on the administrivia categories for some more open discussion. For those unfamiliar with online forums, they are basically an online conversation where people say things and others reply to them. Just like, err, a verbal conversation.
  • Stale users. As I notice users that attempted to sign up, but for some reason or another didn't finish, I will delete the account after a day or two. Also, as you sign up, please put in your full name as I may remove unknown accounts.

Thank y'all fo' comin, good night and good luck!