Up somewhat

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This site is up somewhat. I haven't had a chance to test everything, so if something other than items on the list below don't work (if you aren't sure, send it to me anyway), please send a message to me at familybanks at jamespurl dot com. I wrote it out so that it isn't easy for spammers to pluck that email address. I will update the list as I correct items or discover more, but the following are issues I know of for sure:

  • Anything dealing with email (sent from this site) will require further work (like if you forgot your password and need it emailed to you or new signups).
  • It's possible you see a broken box where a picture should be. This is a caching issue that should be fixed, but there may be some caches I missed. If you see those please email me and send me the exact name of the picture (listed beneath the image) and the gallery if you know it.
  • The gallery module isn't quite right.. Looking into that now. Fixed 2 Nov 2006 - 10:29
  • The gallery modules doesn't properly display some TIFF images

Sorry for the delay. I was unsure of what was happening before (the site went down twice). Before I just threw it online I made some major changes to the backend of this site, as there was a vulnerability in this site's web framework that might've been exploited. I don't think that is what happened due to the nature of the software failure. The changes I made are two-fold:

  1. I virtualized the site such that I can move it quickly and easily should another major hardware failure occur.
  2. I utilized enterprise level security. As a result, I still haven't gotten the email integration working yet--it is being prevented by said security

I intend to keep the site up from now on, except working on further issues late nights on the weekends (unless a show-stopper happens).