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Important Memo about New User creation

To all users who have attempted to create a user, but nothing happened--the issue has been corrected. However, you will need to setup a new account. You can use the name you used previously, as I have deleted all users that tried to sign up, but weren't activated. After you request a new account, you'll need to contact me, either directly, or through someone in the family (who can contact me) in order to have your account activated. The Internet is a bad place, and I've had to resort to hand-activating users to keep potential spammers and the like off here.

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Network Reorganization

Email me at webmaster at familybanks dot org if you experience any problems. I am in the midst of an extensive network reorganization, and I have moved this site to a 2-node cluster. Anyone wanting to know the geeky details can keep checking over on

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News from James and Alicia

For those that haven't already, please take a trip through the JP network of sites to find out some news from us. It was inspired by the "red pill / Alice in Wonderland" reference in The Matrix, so keep clicking links to go further down the rabbit hole. Take the red pill here

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Long time coming

Finally, I have gotten the site migrated back to (hopefully) full functionality, including support for TIFF files and emailing passwords/accepting new accounts.

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Up somewhat

This site is up somewhat. I haven't had a chance to test everything, so if something other than items on the list below don't work (if you aren't sure, send it to me anyway), please send a message to me at familybanks at jamespurl dot com. I wrote it out so that it isn't easy for spammers to pluck that email address. I will update the list as I correct items or discover more, but the following are issues I know of for sure:

  • Anything dealing with email (sent from this site) will require further work (like if you forgot your password and need it emailed to you or new signups).
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Site Maintenance

Just a friendly message from the sysop. There is upcoming system maintenance. Not anticipating the success of the site, I misplaced the site in the system area of the server hosting this site, joana. Around 02:00 on Saturday 17 June 2006, the site will taken offline and replaced by a maintenance page

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